Visiting Vintage Rentals


After deciding to have the wedding at the cottage, we knew we wanted the details surrounding the wedding to feel as warm and inviting as the space around it. I searched for awhile to find a rentals company that would provide more than just ivory linens and white plates. I knew I wanted all those vintage touches I was incorporating into every nook of the wedding to be woven into the decor and furniture surrounding us on the day.


We finally found what we were looking for with the lovely people from Vintage Rentals. Vicky, the owner of Vintage Rentals, oversees everything and is there to ensure your day is as beautiful as you envision. She started the business almost by accident, her daughter was getting married and wanted that vintage vibe and so she began collection odds and ends to make her daughter's wedding that extra special. After the wedding was over she was left with all these pieces and instead of selling them off, she decided to make a business out of renting them out to other couples who wanted the same kind of feel.


Her laboratory as I like to call it is in a giant barn out in Caledon. We arrived on a chilly afternoon to walk through all the different elements she had in store. It was overwhelmingly amazing. Every little thing in there screamed my style and if I could have taken it all I certainly would have. We chose a few eclectic feature pieces like the wine barrels, top tin tables and a beautiful old ladder to be hung over the head table which was strung with hanging tea lights.


Then we looked at the hundreds of pieces of mismatched china she had on offer and knew this was the start of something very exciting. I loved how every piece was unique in its way and when you combined different patterns, every place setting became it's own little work of art.


We also got to chat with Vicky about the vision for our day, and she helped us pick out some stunning lights to bring the tent to life.


I will say, that even after all the meeting and planning I never thought all of this would look as beautiful as it did on the day.