My Vintage Engagement Ring


When Dan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, everything became one big blur. I barely remember what happened before or after. But at that moment, when I didn't know what was going on, I do remember that flash of pinkish red emanating from the little box in his hand.


Dan spent months searching for the perfect ring. A ring that he knew would suit me, that I would cherish. He ended up finding one in a little jewellery shop in Stratford, Ontario. It was a beautiful little ring from the Edwardian period with a bright ruby inside of it.


Jewellery designs from the Edwardian era were influenced by their Victorian predecessors. Their design consisted of a more sophisticated and refined style with a colourful gemstone in the centre instead of a diamond (which was more of an American invention through keen marketing). The obsession with lace was apparent in their designs as delicate metal filigreed along the sides of the ring was a traditional detailing. There were also Art Nouveau's motifs of lines and swirls as well as more geometric patterns.


The Ruby as a gemstone is also a unique and meaningful addition to an engagement ring. The Ruby has always had signified intense passion and it is believed that imbue the wearer with guidance, knowledge, and the ability to make the right decisions. For us, it has a few additional meanings. It is Dan's birthstone and by wearing it, I always feel like there is a part of him with me.