A Look back at 2012...

Albeit a little late, here is my 2012 year in review...full of incredible memories, delicious food and the bestest of buds.

For the life of my I don't know what was happening in January/early February... It's sad how much we rely on photos to document and remember those events but as the year seems to have flown by, those early few months truly are simply a whirlwind...what I do remember is Dan and I sending back and forth many picture of our respective Lego Star Wars figures causing a raucauous all over the place..

stolen from dan...
January was also the month when my lovely, handcraft and designed library bookcase was finished. All my literary treasures were lovingly put high up on all those shelves for me to gaze at in my new apartment. It's still a wonder for me to look at everytime I enter my home. IMG_1038

In February it was all about Valentine's Day. I worked so hard to prepare our special dinner and went all out making Dan and Mountain Goats cookie record player and cookie cd art along with some t-shirts I had designed which I knew he would appreciate. But I felt the need to share the love with all and made sure to bake cookies for everyone in the office and even crafted handmade cards with special messages inside. IMG_0885IMG_0978

vday 011vday 007

In March, St. Paddy's day was celebrated with a little party at my place. Delicious treats and green beer as swilled by all.

RedheadsDresser pizza

April was surprisingly warm this year and I spent my fair share of it posting the last few Vintage Redheads posts before finding that I just didn't have the time to keep up with the blog and all my lovely fans. It was a sad thing to retire but I had so much fun and so many wonderful memories from doing it! I also got to bake adorable Easter cookies and spent the Easter weekend checking out the major construction at the cottage.

As the winter snow melts, I find myself renewed with energy and baking season started with cinnamon buns galore!

Dan is always saying I have seasons of cooking. In the Spring it's doughnuts - and here they are. It was my little May obsession and I'm excited to get back into making these little devils again come Spring 2013.
2012-06-03_13387521482012-06-03_1338752022 Sarah, Dan and I all attended our first (and sadly my only) TUM. It was so much fun and I loved the Mexican theme since it was Cinco de Mayo. We ate the most delicious treats and had a blast sitting around drinking beers and people watching. IMG_1671IMG_1670
Phoenix was for sure the highlight of the entire year for me, let alone the month of May. It was the best time I'd ever had in Phoenix hands down. Dan is the perfect travel companion and was such a trouper driving us all over the city and beyond to explore places I'd never been before. It was like getting to see a different side of the city. We went to concerts, went vintage shopping, ate at retro diners, hiked in the mountains, bowled almost every night and ate all of America's goodness. Dear Phoenix: if you're ever looking for Social Media Community Managers or Graphic Designers, drop me a line: I'd love to spend the winters in your warm embrace ;)
IMG_3119-01 IMG_4496_01 IMG_1833IMG_1891

June was the month of Ice Cream making. This was by far the most rewarding cooking experience I've ever had. It was a difficult thing to master but in the end I came up with some amazing flavors and it was the perfect thing to eat on the balcony on a hot summer's night. I am itching for the weather to warm up again so I can start planning all my new flavours.
The summer was also filling with lots of D&D. I cannot express to Dan and Justin (and even Jeff) how much it meant to me to have them give the game a try. I am also so pleased to see people try something they might not think they'll like and them end up loving every minute of it.
I was happy to participate in a Vintage fashion show video and photography session. Great experience working with models and even doing some video work (with the help of Dan of course).
IMG_5150_02 I also had another photography gig shooting some portrait shots for Julia Jung, a wonderful teacher and musician - also the lovely aunt of Scarlett my forever muse.
IMG_5495_bw IMG_5448 Dan had been trying to get me to like Caesar's for awhile now. And I have to admit, I was pretty convinced I hated them (tomato and all) but once he let me try his - I was hooked. More than hooked, pretty addicted. They're my drink of choice now and the summer was the perfect time to try every different kind of Caesar this hipster lovin' city could provide!

July was Dan's bday. I had been planing this one for awhile and it took even longer to execute. We'd been watching Twin Peaks all summer and for his birthday I decorated my entire apartment to look like the most famous scene from Twin Peaks. I even dressed up like one of the characters and had him dress up as agent Cooper. I made Pie and had coffee and doughnuts to enjoy. It was great.
On the day of his birthday we wore our new vintage and drank beers at Bier Market and the had friends over to watch the UFC match in good company and style.
I was pleased that this summer I got to take in a few JAYS games and I'm hoping Dan and I can get a pack of tickets to go again this year. It was so much fun!
IMG_2298 At the end of July, Sarah and I went to Montreal for the long weekend. This would lead to the destruction of being a vegetarian for me but all good things must eventually end. But what a delicious end it was.
UntitledUntitled Sarah and I had an absolute blast. I love her so much and it was so nice to spend some quality time just me and her. Eating all things delicious and biking around that amazing city.
UntitledUntitled We watched the fireworks on the water and went to the Star Wars Exhibit, which in my opinion was probably the best exhibition I've ever been too. Fan Girl.

AUGUST Although the fruit wasn't at it's best this year, Canning was still on my list, and after a lengthy (and heavy) trip to the St. Lawrence Market. I started the canning process of bottling up all those summer fresh flavours. IMG_7244_01 Dan helped so much and he tooks all these gorgeous pictures. IMG_7262_01 John, Dan and I went to see Austra, M83 and Justice this summer at the Old Fort York and it was the most fun of all the time. We danced our heart out and even in the rain had a blast. Untitled Untitled Untitled At the end of the month, I headed off to BC for our Family Reunion. I worked heard making some t-shirt for the event and truly enjoyed getting to see cousins I'd not seen in years and catching up with everyone. Tigh-Nah-Mara is gorgeous and I spent every morning, waking up at 5am to walk on the beach and watch the sunrise.... IMG_6903 2012-08-20_13454370042012-08-22_1345609699 2012-08-18_13453014512012-08-19_1345389321

SEPTEMBER In September Jemma came to visit. Having friends on the other side of the world is so tough but the joy I felt seeing her and Sean was such a wonderful thing to experience. I miss them always but getting to have that time together meant the world to me. I took her to all my favourite foodie places and we had such a nice time eating and catching up!
IMG_3064IMG_3065 The CNE this year really made something special of itself with the Skyline, a fantastic ride over the fairgrounds from high above. Dan and I went and enjoyed all the incredible food on offer and walked the grounds looking at all the beautiful twinkling lights and colours of the fair.
IMG_8791 IMG_8873 IMG_8913 IMG_8804
It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I've become a little obsessed with the Art, Architecture and history of the Ukraine since meeting Dan. The Ukrainian Festival in Toronto was the closest I was going to get to really going there so it was special to walk around, taking in all the colours and excitement, watching the traditional dances, looking at the gorgeous embroidered costumes and listen to the amazing and joyful music that spilled from every corner of Bloor West.
I went up to Dan's Cottage at the end of the month and the warm weather still followed us there. I know I've gone on about this place on the blog before, so I won't bore you with that again but suffice is to say, it's one of my favourite memories of the summer!
UntitledUntitled UntitledUntitled

My engagement photo shoot with Francie and Amerino was an absolute joy. I loved the way they simply seemed to glow when they looked at each other. Bobbette and Belle was a great place to work inside and their colourful cakes and pastries made the place pop!
IMG_9265_01 IMG_9120_02  IMG_9189_01 September is Pie Season and many delectable pies were enjoyed. 2012-09-30_13490380922012-09-30_1349038147 Thanksgiving was a treat and a challenge. I was so so sick and barely made it through the week but I loved my decor I made for the event and can't wait to try it again, this time without the Vertigo, in 2013. IMG_9528 IMG_9538IMG_9588 October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and our office goes all out to celebrate and raise awareness and for my part, I even dyed my hair pink for our office "Pink Friday" Party. It was pretty scary for me since I've had red for so long but I loved the result!
Halloween this year was held at my apartment with a few friends, some tricks and treats and classic Halloween movies. Everyone really worked hard on their costumes and it was such a fun little get-together.

November 1st is Dan and I's Anniversary and he went all out this year. He surprised the heck out of me with tickets to see NEW ORDER! We were second row, they played an amazing show, I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. It was incredible. One of the best nights of my life with the love of my life.
IMG_4187 IMG_4076

I held my annual cookie party and started to ring in the Christmas tidings with great friends, gorgeous food and wonderful fun!
IMG_4622IMG_4620 IMG_0079.1 IMG_0059.1 IMG_9936.1 I went Skating at Harbourfront with my besties...
IMG_4900IMG_4892 Spent Christmas Even with Dan's family
2012-12-25_13564716332012-12-26_1356640304 The cottage was finally construction free and the perfect for spending a wonderful Christmas 2012.

After Christmas was over, Dan whisked me away for a weekend in Chicago for New Year's/my Birthday! It was such a surprised and we had a blast exploring and eating all the city had to offer.
2012-12-31_1356976510IMG_4954 2012-12-31_1356966949IMG_4930 Ringing in the New Year with my favourite person, no matter where we were, is the best way I could have started 2013. 2012 was pretty amazing....let's hope 2013 has even more in store.