Arizona State Fair 2013


I LOVE fairs. Whether they are grandious events or merely tiny country gathering, there's nothing that bring me more happiness than chowing down on some cotton candy white riding around a glorious Merry-Go-Round.

But there is nothing that can compare to a State Fair in the USA!



The riders are bigger, the food is BIGGER and even the crowds are bigger (but since the ground are so immense it never feels crowded). The rides are much better than anything I've seen here in Canada. The detailing on them is shocking beautiful. They've really preserved that antique, retro quality to the rides, as if they were plucked from 1960's.



Dan and I both love stuff like this and we ate up every little bit of the State Fair! We rode all the rides that I could stomach, we eat as much as we could and we even partook in the little sideshows and art fair craft pieces on display.





But of course, our favourite part of the Fair was the food. It was Foodie Friday and almost every food stand had one of their specialities on sale for only $2!



Indian Fry Bread, although questionably advertised, was surprisingly delicious! Essentially a Beaver tal with cinnamon sugar! IMG_9503


The best part of the Arizona State Fair, is that it is in Phoenix where the Mexican food is fabulous as is the Mexican fair available at various different stands throughout the grounds. IMG_9370

Cotton candy is always good choice... IMG_9393

Grilled corn is a pleasant surprise after all that fried bread and sugar! IMG_9647

To end the day, I had a cone cone with some of the most amazing flavours I'd even encountered. IMG_9669


As mentioned above, my favourite ride anywhere is the carousel! I love picking out my favourite looking animal to ride. And this carousel was more than impressive. The artistry on each of the animals was so lush. I could barely pick on in time to ride! It was even more beautiful than the one in Dinseyland - they really could use some pointers from this guy!



I'll never forget the fun we had, and although we wont' be able to make it back every year for this Fair, I can't wait until we do come back once more!