Scarlett's 3rd Birthday

It's hard to believe this little one I met almost two years ago is now a walking, talking (and talking back) three-year-old girl. I don't wanna get all mushy but I will say that getting to know her as she grows up has been one of the most rewarding experiences. She's simply the best!

Me and ScarlettInstagram-22

For her birthday party, her rather more than amazing Mom hired the Wooley Wonderland Critters to come for a visit. They are a small petting zoo that comes to your door and sets up right in your backyard! Your own personal petting zoo?! What more could a three-year-old ask for?


They had ducklings, a huge potbelly pig, small chicks, baby goats, two different coloured chickens, some grown ducks and even a lamb!


Scarlett holding a baby chicken


I think I might have had a little bit more fun than the kids did. I think as adults there is always that little kid inside of you waiting to jump out and when cute little farm animals show up to your doorsteps and you have free range of petting abilities - you go for it! Kids get to do this all the time so we have to treasure those moments.


The big piggy was so sweet and loved a belly rub.


Dan was cuddling all of the animals but liked the baby goats the best.


The bigger duckies were a bit intimidating. I have always been a bit leery of ducks but once I got brave enough to try and pet them I realized how soft their feathers were and I couldn't help but pick it up and give it a pet. They were so sweet and seemed to love the attention.





Me and a tiny little chicky - SOOOO soft!!




But in the end, as wonderful as the animals were to play with, the day was all about this little girl. She never ceases to make me smile and getting to be there to celebrate her big day was so special for me.



Scarlett's grandma made these delicious gluten free cupcakes which were awesome. I'm not gluten free and usually wouldn't think gluten-free pastries would be any good but these proved me wrong. And the fun colours and Disney wrappers were just darling.



Every time I attend a kids birthday party I always have a blast but always an left feeling so old. But as long as there are parties that keep bringing out that kid inside of me I guess that's not so bad after all.