Thanksgiving Table Decorations


There are a lot of amazing Thanksgiving table decorations DIYs floating around on the blogsphere and Pinterest these days and while they all look amazing, most of them require a lot time and sometimes a lot of money. Over the past couple years I've figured out how to incorporate stylish and attractive looking decorations that don't take time away from the cooking, which for me is the most important aspect of the day anyways. So here are a couple of chic n' easy projects to make your Thanksgiving table all the more beautiful. And once you're food hits the table, we all know it's the main centerpiece anyways.


One of the most popular table decorations that's come into style over the past few years has been white pumpkins. They're rustic yet bring an element of urban modernity to your table setting. Honestly, these gorgeous gourds look great all on their own and can make for stunning decorations all by themselves. But to add a little more flare, surround them with other outdoor textures. This only requires you to step out your front door and collection any leaves, berries or pine cones you can find. No money required, just a bit of time and some creativity. This same trick can be used with regular, small orange pumpkins too if you don't have white pupmkins in your area. I've style my table both ways and in either case you're left with a beautiful table.

IMG_9253 An example of orange pumpkins with orange decorations.


Another wonderfully simple way to style your table with pumpkins is by turning a large pumpkin into a floral centerpiece. Just haul out the pumpkin guts and insert a vase that's slightly less tall as the pumpkin. Make sure you carve a nice flat surface into the bottom of the pumpkin for the vase to sit on so it doesn't tip over. Then find a lovely bouquet of flowers (make sure to get one with lots of filler greenery) and fill the vase with the flowers and a bit of water. Use the extra greenery to fill space between the vase and the pumpkin to hide the vase so it looks like the flowers are simply sitting inside the pumpkin. (In case you're wondering, the reason you can't just fill the pumpkin with water, and forget the vase, is because the water will seep out through the pore of the pumpkin) It really makes for  striking centerpiece! I use this same trick every year but swap out the colour scheme of flowers to keep things fresh!



Blue mason jars are another one of those gorgeous vintage touches that will brighten up your table. You can now even buy brand new blue mason jars as they've been re-released by Ball but they also can be handmade. See this tutorial to see how to make your own vintage blue mason jars. Drop a tea light to the bottom to add a little drama to the table.



Butting banners are also an easy little DIY that's great to use year after year. To make the butting banner all you'll need is some scrapbooking paper and a printer. I chose a cute typeface and printed out the letters and cut then into circles. Then I chose different patterned scrapbooking paper and cut them into butting banner triangles. I liked using different patterns as it gives the banner a more vintage feel but you could use the same pattern if you wanted as well. Then paste the letters onto the triangles and glue the shapes onto a piece of string. Hang it up around your table and you're good to go. The great thing about this piece is it's not on the table! Once you start bringing dishes onto the table sometimes your decorations just pushed aside or ever gasp removed to make space for the food. It happens, so don't take offense. But, by hanging this piece up you'll guest will have something to admire all dinner long!


Hope you enjoyed this little ideas for your Thanksgiving decorations! We're coming up on Wednesday morning so I'm sure most of you are well on your way to pre-cooking gravies, pies and more!!! Happy Pre-Cook Thanksgiving everyone!!!