Tis' the Season

Christmas has come and gone but here is the week leading up to Christmas in little snapshots. It was a busy week, a very busy week, but everything was so much fun I didn't even care! Ok, it got a little stressful for a moment but all worth the while ;)


I spent the week before Christmas making my homemade Christmas cards, presents and baskets for the people at work. I truly think that giving is better than receiving, there are little things more that I love than seeing someone smile while opening one of my tiny treasures.


Throughout the week, surprise presents arrived at my desk when I showed up at work. Whether they were treats, cards, flowers or books it was truly a week to feel blessed.



I got together with a few work buds to celebrate Christmas on our last day of work and we had a blast. It's nice to have these gals around the office, they always make me so happy!



Dan & I did Christmas early this year since we wouldn't have a chance to do a private Christmas on the actual day. When he showed up with his giant presents I knew I had to wrap mine in a pretty big box, just to compete with his! Unfortunately, my presents weren't actually that big so I stuffed a shipping box from work with towels and coats to give it the size and weight of some super presents.


It was a funny little prank but as small as my presents were, Dan truly loved them and that made me so happy. Dan's present to me was a Kitchenaid mixer. I was blown away. I had wanted one of these for such a long time and to own one now makes me feel like a real cook. It meant more to me than he will ever know and I'm so happy to have as a centerpiece in my apartment.


The Sound of Music was playing, seemingly on every channel, this weekend and it was the perfect thing to watch while I baked and cooked and baked some more...


Over the course the weekend I probably cooked more than I had all year. I pulled the first all-nighter since University (minus flights etc) ...but well worth it. Made Lavender Marshmallows, four different kinds of chocolate bark, gravy, cookies galor and more!


Sunday I took a quick break from cooking to hang with the Posse. I left the gravy stewing on the stove and had Brunch with Sarah at Cora's then went over to join Pete and Jesse at the Harbourfront Skating Rink for some good ol' fashion Christmas Skating!


Skating is one of those things that just makes everything feel like Christmas. The Harbourfront rink has these amazing fire pits on the side of the rink, complete with skate mats, so you can jump off the ice at any time and sit back and enjoy the warmth and delicious smell of the fire while watching skaters swirl around you.


I didn't fall once and even got to go backwards a few times :) It was nice to skate in the day time (a first for us in the last few years) as the sun was warm enough it never felt uncomfortable.


But more than anything it was just nice to see everyone before the Holidays and wish them all a Merry Christmas!