Ukrainian Embroidery

One of the most interesting thing I noticed at the Ukrainian festival was the amount of attendees wearing fabulous Ukrainian fashions. Everyone had a slightly different pattern, showing off a little more of that person's personailty or regional stlye from Ukraine.


Ukrainian embroidery has many different meanings and uses in Ukraine. The different patterns can signify important events in a woman's life or even signify the region of origin.


The embroidery was symbolic and connected with a great number of beliefs, myths, and superstitions, including beliefs regarding protection and fertility. The lozenge shape is a common motif and represents a sown field and female fertility.


Ukrainian embroidery is different from region to region and even village to village. In Central and Eastern Ukraine White-on-white openwork embroidery was most popular. They used geometric forms and plant-like designs in their embroidery. In this region they imploy a more varied use of coloiur. Aside from the white-on-white trends, they also would uses shades of blue, pale green and light ochre.

In Western Ukraine we see a kind of needlework called “nyzynka”, which is produces a sort of “tweed” effect.

In the Boiko region we see the use of red and blue together to form geometric motifs.

In the Bukovyna where the elite of Ukrainian people lived, we cna find threads of silver and gold as well as coloured glass beads being encorporated into the design, to show off the wealth of their region.

The Northern Ukraine with their rich soils and gardens we see floral motifs being employed.