Winter Adventure Recaps: Phoenix

A few weeks ago I spent a magical bit of vacation time over in Phoenix, Las Vegas and California. I really hope to get a lot of posts up from individual parts of the trip but thought I would share just a little recap of all that went on while we were down there. Let's start out with Phoenix first!

It started out as all trips to the southwest should start out: with a little In-N-Out Burger. Literally we got this right off the plane. Nothing tastes better after a long flight to give you some energy for your first day.

Camera Roll-283Camera Roll-284

As with every trip to Phoenix our first morning stop the day after we arrive is a short bike ride over to Express Donuts to snag some of the best donuts in the State!!! (it really is - check yelp!)

Camera Roll-293Camera Roll-354

We went antiquing again at the Armadillo market and found some awesome pieces for Christmas presents and even for our Halloween costumes! There's always something to find in this giant mecca of vintage treasures.

Camera Roll-327Camera Roll-330

Halloween in Phoenix is the best. It's just nice for it not to be freezing out as you go from house to house trick-or-treating. But even as candy barons you have a good time. You get all dressed up, drag a few chairs down to the sidewalk and hand out candy while drinking and chatting with the neighbors.


We dresses as a couple in Dias de Los Muertos garb and were the hit of the night!!! Had so much fun doing this makeup, wish I could have worn it forever. Loved all the reactions.


Following up on our Dias de Los Meurtos costumes, I held a small dinner party with a Mexican theme and cooked tortillas 2 ways! Enchiladas and Tilapia Ceviche with tostadas. So yummy, I love the chilies you can get in the southwest.


As with every trip to Phoenix there was a visit to the zoo. It was bit chilly out but on the colder days the animals it seemed like the animals were much more active. It was nice to see the big cats playing with each other.


We played a lot of Magic the Gathering - definitely my new obsessions of the moment! Honestly, I wish everyone I know was playing this - it would make explaining but I'm doing all day a lot more easy.


We ate all the tacos in the world and sipped on Horchata in the sun!


Dan and I spent our Anniversary at the Arizona State Fair. This might sound like a strange choice for an anniversary but it was an absolute blast!!


It was Foodie Friday when we were there and we went on a succulent scavenger hunt to find all those delicious treats!


We went to my favourite Soda Pop Shop and indulged on a Carousel Sunday (the perfect follow up after the state fair) and we watched at the counter as people ordered the most interesting sweets. The blackberry ice cream rootbeer float with chocolate sauce was mind blowing. If only I liked rootbeer, that would be right up my alley.


I went to my first Hockey game while we were there. It was amazing to see so many Vancouver fans come out to a game in Phoenix. There were way more Canadian fans than Arizona fans. So we were amongst friends :)


And there was lots and lots of bowling....which, may I say, I'm pretty stellar at :) As shown below. Pure skills.