Hulksters Halloween


Continuing the theme of our amazing couples Halloween costumes, this year it was Dan's turn to pick out our outfits. Seeing as he has been more than intensely interested in Wrestling, it didn't come as a surprise that our outfits were to be WWE themed. He decided on two version of Hulk Hogan for the costumes. I wore the original hulk cosutme and Dan dressed as "hollywood Hogan". It was amazing. We went all out and by the end of the night it was almost eerie how much we looked like the Hulkster (aside from the body type). The best part of the night was having Michael and Katie come home to two Hulk Hogan's preparing them dinner. It was pretty great.


We started the day with a visit to Tori's school. They were having a Halloween parade and we got to see the whole class all in costume. It was so cute.


Tori was dressed as Anna from Frozen was the picture of a princess.


We even got to me her preschool beau ;)


Everyone in the school got a pretty good laugh out of my costumer and we certainly did make for an odd pair Tori and I in out juxtaposing costume. Beauty and the Beast indeed.


After dinner we went trick of treating with the kids. Dan and I hauled this giant American flag around with us all night as it was part of Hulk's costume. We would have to be very mindful of it dragging on the ground since if it even touched the road we would get the worst looks....


The kids loved seeing all the different decorations an spooky scenes. Liam was so excited to get going he ran from house to house getting candy. After only a few houses he was sick to his stomach from all that running on a full stomach. Poor guy.


But after a bit of rest and calming down some he was back to normal and we continued on our way.


Dan and I had a great time posing for people in our costumes. I can totally see why wrestlers love those costumes, they're pretty fun to wear. Make you feel kinda invincible.


Dan did such a great job with our costumes.  It was a wonderful Halloween out in California, no cold or snow. The perfect temperature for wandering the orange glow of the street. They Californians know how to day maybe that will be us too.