Niagara Valentines: Visiting the Falls


This year for Valentines, Dan surprised me with a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake. We stayed at the most beautiful hotel (post to come soon) and on Saturday we dove down to see the frozen Falls


I haven't been to Niagara Falls since I was itty-bitty. I remember very clearly going to Marineland and a very very scary haunted house where someone grabbed my foot and my dad had to carry me out of there because I had not only peed my pants but also could not move because of fear. Suffice it to say, this trip was a lot more fun.


The frozen falls were a site to see. It was a lot less busy than usual and we found a parking spot right near the entrance. We had the run of the place except for a few sparing other tourists. We stood on the giant balcony over the falls and watched as the ice would crack and groan againast cold. Large floating ice flows will fall over the edge, crashing below to a satisfying smash.


It was cold though. There was no getting around that. We fought the cold but sipping on a few delicious cups of coffee and run back inside the complex near the falls to warm up then quickly run back outside.



I always wonder who these signs are for?.....



One of my favourite part of the day was ducking into the Restaurant on the Falls. It has a beautiful view of the falls from a mere meters away but with the comforts of being inside.


We weren't hungry but we did decide to have a glass of wine and break out the magic cards. It was a great time just to get offline and play a few games with some delicious wine! The perfect end to this, or any, day.