Hiking The Javelina Trail in Phoenix

Every time we’re in Phoenix, we attempt a hike through those gorgeous Sonoran deserts. I say “attempt” because more often than not, I end up turning around or passing out on the trail due to heat and exhaustion. This time was no different.


We decided on going down to the South Mountain (as we had fallen in love with this area after our engagement photos). We picked the Javelina trail since it boasted beautiful views of the desert and city and, as always, was “supposed to be” and simple trail. Not so on the latter point.



The train did succeed on having some amazing views and some very different environments than on the trails we usually hike up on the White Mountains.




When we finally reached the top of the trail, after an exhausting hike in sweltering heat, we could see, far off in the distance....the parking lot we needed to return to. It was pretty disheartening considering the rising temperature outside, but we had no choice other than to persevere and continue onwards.




It was an arduous journey home, but we made it and were stronger for it. I felt very proud to have accomplished it and have seen all the beautiful sights along the way.