Japanese Kit Kats

Sarah has been gone now for what seems like forever but she has not forgotten me!


While in Glasgow, Sarah particiapted in a project that allowed her to travel to Japan. While there, she granted my one wish to visit the KitKat Chocolatory in Japan!

Kit Kat Chocolatory!!!

The KitKat Chocalatory is the first boutique chocolate shop in Japan. It showcases new KitKat premium products as well as old favourites.

Kit-Kat Japanese Family

In Japan, as compared to here in North America, KitKats come in dozens of different favours and this shop sells them all as well as flavours only available in the Chocolatory.

Niigata Kit-Kat

Flavours that can only be found in Japan are Roasted Tea, Strawberry Cheesecake, Rum Raisin, Apple, Green Tea, Mandarin and Lemon, Azuki Red Bean Toast and Wasabi!

Purple Sweet Potato (Taro) Kit Kats and Strawberry Kit Kats

Sarah brought me back 5 DIFFERENT BOXES!!! She made her selection based on flavours that she thought I would enjoy as well as flavours that were totally different. She brought me Wasabi, Mandarin and Lemon, Taro, Spicy Chocolate and Azuki Red Bean Toast.


My favourite of them all would have to have been the Spicy Chocolate! It was sharp chocolate flavour with a hint of heat that crept up on you while eating it. Yummmmm. What a wonderful gift :)

Spice flavor kit kat