Photo Diary: Last Day in Japan

Our last day in Japan was a sombre day. Unlike many vacations where you are sad to leave but feeling like you're ready to go, this was a case when we were not ready to go. Not yet. There was so much more to see. So much more to do. But alas, this journey had come to a close. And it was time to head home.


We sat in a beautiful park with a stunning rose garden and chowed down on all our favourite convenience store food - since that was the only thing open so early in the morning.

IMG_2707 IMG_2710IMG_2715

As sad as we were to leave, we sat on that bench and reminisced about all our favourite memories and even started to plan out our next trip back to Japan. We don't know when - but we do know we'll be back.



We wandered around the relatively quiet streets of Osaka in the early morning and then, begrudgingly, headed home to pack our things.






My last meal in Japan had to be ramen. A bookend for the trip. It was the first meal I had when I got off the plane and the last one I would have before returning home.


We bought a few last Japanese souvenirs to take home to our loved ones, in the hope they - even in some small part - could express the quirky awesomeness that was JAPAN.





We used up the last few of our coins on a leg massage chair with a beautiful view of our aeroplane before taking off.



The flight was long, and unlike on the way over, there was not much to look forward to on the other end. But that isn't true now, is it? There is an entirely new trip to look forward to. A better trip, a bigger trip, a more exciting adventure full of the knowledge and experience we had on our first voyage over to my new favourite place. We'll be back soon Japan. Keep those futons warm for us.