Toontown Time In Disneyland - Part 4

Toontown is just a hop skip and jump from the railroad station or just on the other side of Fantasyland. You enter the total cartoony wonderland from a giant tunnel that connects Toontown to Fatansyland. As you walk through the tunnel, you are beginning your journey into the world of the memorable cartoon characters that you fondly cherish from all those incredibly bright and cheerful childhood films. The concept behind Toontown was a fanciful representation of the world in which all those different cartoon characters live in Disneyland. The Princesses have Fantasyland, the Pirates have Frontierland and the Cartoons now have Toontown. It is based off the world of Roger Rabbit, where humans are able to enter into the cartoon world and interact with all the cartoons therein.

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Inside, you find a myriad of miniature buildings all with huge exaggerated features and overly saturated coloured making them seem much more in style with that cartoon landscape. They have big rounded edges and dark outlines to make them seem consistent with that cartoon style, like pictures come to life! In Toonwtown you'll find Mickey and Minnie's house and you're even able to visit both inside and out to see how these character's live, what kind of decor they like and what treasures they keep hidden inside. You'll also be able to crawl through Goofy's Playhouse, Donald's Boat, Chip and Dale's Treehouse, take a Ride on the Gadget's Go Coaster and twirl around on Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.

IMG_2385 2 Mickey's House

Here we are outside Mickey's House. The attention to detail inside the house is amazing. There are many references to his character that are brought to life inside the house. Everything that is mentioned or made mentioned of in the movies is suddenly explored here and given more life.

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Nothing is behind glass or velvet ropes. Children can climb, play or jump on everything and explore to their heart's content here.

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You can even get the chance to meet Mickey and Minnie here which is a great opportunity for kids to meet this heroes. But be warned the wait time can be pretty long but for long lasting memories it can definitely be worth it if you can catch it on a good day.

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There is definitely some imaginative charm to Toontown that everyone can enjoy but Toontown, more than any other land in the park, is meant for younger children more so than anyone else. There's only two real "rides" and the rest is simply a play area. This is a great place for parents with small children who don't want to line up all day and want to give their kids a fun little break but for me it became a little mundane in terms of things to do after a little while. That being said, I cannot gush enough about the styling and design of this place! So even just getting the chance to explore it was a great time!

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One of the best parts of Toontown is the food area. It might not be the most diverse or have the best selection but you can't beat the design of these stands and the look of the overall dining area. Plus, they have great food for kids. Pluto's Dog House serves delicious hot dogs and Clarabelle's has some healthy options along with cool and creamy ice creams that are sure to hit the spot on a hot day. You'll also find Daisey's Diner and the new Frozen Drink Stand which is set up in the most adorable little aluminum camper. It sells different frosty frozen beverage in all sorts of different flavours perfect for kids and adults alike and you cannot beat that amazing little camper!

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I think Toontown is also a great place to come if you have a picnic. They have some beautiful little table with lovely blue and white umbrella's tucked away in the cornered off dining area that's very quiet since it's so far away from all the other attractions. If you're looking for somewhere to get awake from the noise and inanity but also looking for somewhere beautiful and quirky to get a bite to eat than this the place to sit for an hour or so and enjoy yourself.

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A funny thing about this area is that each of the buildings have a funny little story to tell, or even a gag to pull each visitor. There's a Fireworks Factory that sets off explosions at unexacting guests intermitently throughout the day. There are piles of crates that you can pry opens that will emit noises consistent with their labeled contents. The boxes labelled "train parts" will broadcasts the sound of a racing locomotive when you lift off the top. It's these little gags that pop up all over Toontown that make this part of the park a little more fun and light compared to the heavier and more thrilling rides in the other lands.

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It's a short little stop over if you don't have litte kids and after only about 30 minutes or so (even after we rode Roger Rabbit's ride) we bid adieu to Toontown and headed out for Tomorrowland's Futuristic Funtimes!

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