Riot Fest 2014

Working at Riot Fest 2014 was one of the most rewarding, inspiring, exciting and just plain ol' fun days from 2014. Running from stage to stage, setting up on the fly social media contesting, photographing some amazing bands and just simply hanging out with some of the best people. The mud soaked fields of Downsview Park were no match for our dedicated crew. Working at the festival is such a different experience than attending them but nonetheless, in those few moments of downtime I soaked in every second of those incredible performances. Here are some of my favourite shots from the weekend.

I'm still in love with the overall Circus aesthetic of the festival I loved the posters at adorned the different stages.
Muddy Fields Forever
Some of the fashionista from the festival.
Wrestling throughout the day was an exciting and entertaining surprise!
Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips being interviewed by Steve Bays from Tokyo Police Club. Legends interviewing legends. 
DFA 1979
Rise Against
The sun setting on the stages
Billy Talent - say what you will these dudes are amazing performers


These giant stands were all the bands could see while they were onstage. It made for hilarious banter all day.
Magic and mastery.
New Pornographers
Die Antwoord
Game playing
Death Cab for Cutie - still makes me swoon.
The National
Metric. Loved this performance.


Finishing it all off with a little City and Colour.


The Summer of Music


Over the course of this past summer, I had the pleasure of working with my 102.1 the Edge team members at Edgefest 2014. Throughout long days, hot and cold weather and insane 20-year-olds, it was still impossibly fun time to get to hang out with fun people and work on such an exciting event. Highlights from those summer days include meeting old music idols, long rainy nights in hilarious ponchos, cold pizza and warm sushi, incredible performances by some fantastic bands, amazing food truck fare and all around good time with great new friends. Work is work but when you are surrounded by the best people, it's a pleasure to be there :)

IMG_1621IMG_1484 Canada Day Sunset and Royal Canoe killing it on stage (as they always do)

IMG_3909 Danielle, from Dear Rouge, was/is my summer girl crush! <3 data-preserve-html-node="true" small="">

Camera Roll-7 Fred and Mel being grumpy gangsters

IMG_4241-2 Bear Hands

IMG_4418 Head and the Heart

IMG_4607 Smiling buds! IMG_4676 The fabulous MS MR!

IMG_4585IMG_2661 Getting to see my work two storeys tall and meeting some old time music crushes.


IMG_5225 Oh you kids! So full of youthful exuberance...

IMG_1142 Throwing it back to the 90's!



It was the summer of music...and not just at work. More on that in the next post :)

A Beautiful Moment

I've been away. For many reasons. I want to come back. For many reasons. But in the mean time I wanted to share with you one of the most wonderful moments in my life thus far. I got to watch two of my best friends marry each other this past weekend. They've been together for now over ten years and it meant so much to me to see them tie the knot. The joy their friendship has brought me is immeasurable and getting to be there on their special day was a memory I'll never forget. 

(Photo by moi....more to come...I hope...)